Who's that girl?

Eloquent, exuberant and wickedly funny, Mumbai-born and Singapore-raised media personality Anita Kapoor possesses an intriguing combination of nimble wit, curiosity and that rare talent – the ability to instantly connect with everyone, from presidents and pilgrims to politicians, superstars and even sharks (ocean dwelling; true account).

Her story is compelling: editor rockets into the public domain as winner of the Discovery Channel Search for a Singapore Host. Falls in love with the small screen. Jumps in head first.

Goes on to conquer food, travel and adventure television. Pens her own radio talk show. Artfully commands ballrooms as an emcee. Continues to light up the small screen. Is a social media maniac.

What sets her apart? Whether strutting the stage in stilettos captivating a roomful of glitterati or stepping off the back of a boat to face a “great white” in a diving cage, Anita Kapoor is an experience in verve and authenticity. And then, there’s that gutsy unapologetic laugh. And disarming smile.

The Anita Kapoor Proust Questionnaire

Q What is your idea of happiness?
A Space. Nakedness. Naked in a space?
Q What is your most marked characteristic?
A My ability to leap tall bullshit with a single sarcastic line.
Q What do you most dislike?
A Posturing. Malice.
Q What is your greatest fear?
A Death without my lipstick or knickers on.
Q Which living person do you most admire?
A My mum.
Q What trait do you most deplore in yourself?
A Brain. Like. Sieve. Sorry, what is this questionnaire for again?
Q What do you value most in your friends?
A Their ability to love me as I am, through moments I am distinctly unlovable.
Q What is your greatest extravagance?
A Writing. Shutting the hell up.
Q What is your favourite journey?
A Trans-country train rides.
Q What is your greatest achievement?
A Biting my tongue.
Q What is your idea of misery?
A Bitterness.
Q Who are your favourite heroes or heroines in real life?
A People who constantly challenge the status quo with humour, authenticity, foresight, balls, and hella style.
Q What words or phrases do you overuse?
A Lots and lots of naughty, rude words.
Q What is your favourite food and drink?
Q How would you like to die?
A Hand on heart. Smile on face. Sun shining. Everyone’s tipsy. I have the red lipstick and knickers on.
Q What is your motto?
A (Delivered by a stern voice in my head): “Get a bloody move on, woman!”